We are passionate about simple sustainable living and the creation of joyful living experiences. These principles are fundamental to how we think, design, procure and build.


We measure our success by how positively our homes support the natural environment and contribute to individual’s wellbeing and happiness.




A key strength of our off-the-shelf designs is their easy adaptability for even the most difficult of sites without prohibitive one-off (up front) costs. We have been through the learning curve, making it simpler, quicker and less costly to build. For our clients, this means less risk/stress, when we repeat the process and build using our off-the-shelf designs.


Even our most innovative elements, including the air source heat pump (ASHP), which provides the space heating and hot water, uses simple, robust, tried and tested technology. Easy to install and safe, it requires little maintenance.


Similarly, we don’t use complex technology to run the houses. Naturally ventilated and using the simplest of thermostatic controls to regulate temperature. Combined with the uniformly distributed, thermal mass of our under floor heating, the homes provide a constant (day and night) warm, healthy living environment throughout winter.

In summer months, the buildings’ form and fabric keep the houses naturally cool. Our next generation designs go a step further and duct the waste cool air from the heat pump to provide comfort cooling on those exceptionally hot days.





It is paramount to us that our houses:


  • Function and adapt to how people wish to live and work

  • Do not add to the burden of people’s often already stressful lives

  • Are a joy to live in, a place to relax and unwind, a sanctuary.


Both designs flood the internal spaces with natural light.


The units are compact, so particular thought is given to those elements forming part of our daily rituals and routines. As well as kitchen, living and dining, there are generously proportioned spaces for sleeping and showering.


The efficient layouts and open plan living arrangements provide a variety of configurations for how occupants might use the spaces.




Our core design principles:


  • Highly insulated structures

  • Robust designs, specifications and detailing

  • Intelligently engineered low carbon systems for heating hot water and power


Successfully deliver through:


  • The application of robust modern methods of construction

  • The competency of our supply chain

  • A highly collaborative approach

  • Continual assessment of risks


Our proven designs and collaborative approach offer greater certainty of time, cost and build quality compared to more traditionally built homes.





The EPC ‘A’ rated designs have very low zero carbon* energy demands:


  • Five months of year the houses generate more energy than they consume

  • Surplus energy is either fed back into the grid or stored and used locally with a smart home battery system

  • An in2space house requires as little as 1,400 kWh pa compared to 10,000 kWh pa for a typical small house

  • With a smart home battery system, energy bills (heating, hot water and power) from just £12 / month or 38p / day.


Our strategy for minimising the environmental impact extends beyond our zero carbon* system for heating and hot water:


  • Minimal disposal of excavated material off site

  • Lightweight structure, off site manufacture and quick to build reduces the embodied carbon


On each development, our ecologist provides a comprehensive biodiversity enhancement plan. Wildflower meadows, natural hedgerows and bird/insect friendly planting feature strongly.


* in2space Houses are powered purely by electricity (not gas), so scope to source 100% of energy required from the grid using a 100% renewable energy tariff.